Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bryan Susilo : A Successful Property Investor Entrepreneur

Bryan, raised by immigrant parents in Applecross, Perth, Western Australia had an unquenchable thirst and curiosity about all things around him and often immersed himself in books, encyclopedias and information in his free time. He took to enterprise and business with a serious and passionate approach at the age of 11 and by 15; he was surrounded by many successful entrepreneurs who helped him to gain specialist knowledge in areas of win-win entrepreneurship and creative financing strategies. By 18, Bryan collected more than 10 properties throughout Perth’s metropolitan areas with the help of his sister and his knowledge.

Bryan runs small real estate business and provides fast-money solutions to sellers of worn-down property and properties in need of urgent sale. Also, Bryan Susilo focuses his time on ventures relating to property renovations and development, the asset-liquidation market, emerging international markets, and public presentations.

For his work Bryan Artawijaya was awarded a triennial certificate in 2014 as a real estate agent in the state of Western Australia.
Facebook-   https://www.facebook.com/bryansusilo